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The Far-Infrared (FIR) Sauna is a valuable part of our exclusive treatment strategy IDFS™, or
Identify, Detoxify, Fortify, Stand by.

The FIR sauna is a highly beneficial therapeutic tool of detoxification. It effectively stimulates the removal of many toxic heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium while also removing toxic chemicals like benzene, toluene and styrene, just to name a few.

All of these toxic substances are released from your body through your sweat!

The key characteristics of infrared heat are that it is well absorbed by the body and is fast acting. Additionally, because of the specific frequency of the infrared energy spectrum, the heat penetrates deep into tissues without the sensation of feeling too hot. This makes FIR sauna therapy comfortable and tolerable for children, adults and the elderly.

It is important to note that not all saunas are created equally. While many manufacturers claim their saunas are good for detoxification, the fact is that the majority of saunas manufactured and sold today are made with plastics, adhesives, glues, plywood, paneling and other poor quality materials. To make matters worse, many units have TV’s and music systems inside them! Applying heat to the plastics of these electronics will cause chemical offgassing which will make the air inside the sauna even more toxic! These products may be OK (though not preferred) for casual home use but should absolutely not be considered for serious medical detoxification.

That is why we use the best FIR sauna manufactured anywhere in the world. Our sauna is made by Heavenly Heat Saunas ( and is the sauna of choice for physicians worldwide who take medical detoxification very seriously. The sauna is constructed of hypo-allergenic solid white poplar wood and glass. Stainless steel screws and hardware are used to hold the sauna together. The use of adhesives, glues, plywood, paneling and other poor quality materials is forbidden and strongly frowned upon.

Dr. William Rea, the foremost expert on chemical sensitivities has used a Heavenly Heat sauna clinically since 1994 and his patients have used them since 1989. World renowned researcher and physician Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has written: “Peer reviewed literature shows that sweating during FIR sauna therapy eliminates high levels of toxic metals, organic compounds, dioxin and other toxins.” Dr. Klinghardt recommends Heavenly Heat saunas exclusively.

Sauna therapy is helpful to treat many forms of chronic illness and toxicity including Autism and Autistic Spectrum Syndromes. Sauna therapy can also dramatically improve the benefit and efficacy of Chelation,  IV Therapy and many other methods of detoxification, treatments and therapies.

Our world is incredibly toxic. From the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to the water we drink, our bodies struggle with the pollution that man has created in our environment. As we accumulate toxins in our system, our bodies have a difficult time maintaining health and thus show signs of toxicity.

Health Benefits of Detoxing the Body

  • Remove toxins (heavy metals
    and chemicals) from the body

  • Restore balance to the
    body's systems

  • Enhance immune system function

  • Lose weight

  • Increase energy

  • Slow premature aging

  • Improve quality of life

  • Improve skin quality

  • Mental and emotional clarity

  • Prevent chronic disease

Detoxification brings back balance and helps our systems function properly again.

Passages Contained in Naturopathic Detoxification Principles:

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a critical ongoing process for achieving and maintaining health in the human body. It involves the elimination of substances which are poisonous and/or for which the body has no further constructive use. All healthy cells automatically detoxify themselves everyday. Up to 80% of all processes of the human body are for detoxification. This means that 80% of a person’s physical health picture comes from their ability to efficiently detoxify and eliminate waste. As we do not live in an environment of pure air, water, food, thoughts, emotions, and actions, one would be wise to use additional detoxification methods for the removal of waste and toxins to attain or maintain optimal health in our polluted world. This is accomplished via specific vitamins, minerals, herbs, foods, bodywork, movement exercises, stress reduction methods, and baths as needed.

Each person has a unique physiology that is changing moment by moment in relation to all things encountered - air, food, water, sounds, emotions, visual images, thoughts, etc. Literally, there are trillions of influences upon each the trillions of cells in the body every moment of our lives and no two of us are equally equipped or able to respond in the exact same manner to these influences. This is part of what makes each of us unique. However, these facts are also what make some people react to one toxic substance but not another, or makes one person react and another person not react to the same substance. It is like the old saying goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” In Dr. Roger Williams’ book Biochemical Individuality, he shows how much people vary in their anatomy, their physiology, and their subsequent varying susceptibility to similar substances and doses. Something can bother you and not bother anybody else you know. This does not mean you are weird, it only means that you are sensitive to that substance. Also, you may have no reaction to a substance when everyone around you does. Acceptance of this uniqueness is a necessary step to discovering your true health picture and its management.

In learning to give others and ourselves permission to be unique, we can experience greater acceptance, affection and joy. These are thoughts and emotions that support healthy functioning. Thoughts and emotions can create disease (not-at-ease) or health as easily as any substance ingested or pathogen encountered. As complex and unique individuals, we must discover where we are, if we want to be successful in getting to where we want to go. Imagine that you think you are in Los Angeles, and are driving to Boston. However, when you keep seeing signs that say I-44 Tulsa next exit, you will be confused and keep going in circles until you realize you are in Tulsa, OK. At that point it would be wise to stop and get a map showing the route from Tulsa to Boston. Discovering your current state of health on all levels, and developing a “map” to your destination, ensures the greatest likelihood for success. To discover our current state of health, we must first become aware of the poisons in our bodies that prevent health and create disease. If we continue to poison ourselves from our inner and outer environments, we just go around in circles and cannot get to optimal health. We are unconscious to most of the poisoning and it is akin to being unconscious of what town we are in, when we want to go somewhere else. Secondly, we must design a plan or “map” to get the body to efficiently neutralize and eliminate waste, and integrate that plan, or therapeutic life-style change (TLC), as part of a route to our goal of optimal health.

Types of Toxicity

There are two systematic processes that require constant and complete detoxification of your body: intoxication and autointoxication. The first process, intoxication, is when toxic substances enter the body by breathing, drinking, eating, or penetration of the skin. The vast majority of the causes of cancer are the accumulated environmental substances with which we poison ourselves via our air, water and food.

The second process is that of autointoxication. Autointoxication is poisoning by toxic substances generated within the body. In this process the body breaks down the parts that have served their function and attempts to, but fails to fully (or in the proper amount of time) neutralize their poisons and transports them out of the body. When these substances are not properly neutralized and/or eliminated, they damage our other cells causing dysfunction and disease. This continual cycle of destroying and eliminating the old worn out materials and cells happens in a time frame from split seconds to many years depending upon the type of cells and the substances. As an example of this regenerative process, your liver regenerates itself in about 3 weeks. The old cells are now waste to breakdown and move out. The body does this in a number of ways with the help of a few friends such as antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, viruses, bacteria, etc. Autointoxication also occurs from stressful thoughts, emotions, and events that need to be addressed as well.

Why is Detoxification Necessary?

If you don’t detoxify, you’ll blow up! It sounds like I’m kidding and in some ways I am and other ways I’m not. If there is intake and metabolism, but not elimination of the substances ingested or byproducts produced, an increase in size will occur. This is a matter of physics, the old saying “if you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight” routine. Without proper elimination of unnecessary substances, obesity will be a problem at the very least. Bacterial and yeast overgrowth will increase bloating and create rotting of the entire digestive system. The cells of your body will no longer have room to take in nutrients and burn them (metabolism) resulting in fatigue. Consequently, the cells will fill with waste within and also in the interstitial space or area surrounding them (toxemia). In this state they will starve, as they are unable to absorb nutrients (malnutrition), and/or be denied oxygen causing cells to suffocate (hypoxia), and finally will die (necrosis). When enough tissues die, your organs die, and when enough organs die, you die. Ultimately we all die from this congestion either rapidly as in an accident or slowly as in disease.

As these unusable substances are broken down and transported to be eliminated, they can be very damaging to the body (free radical damage) causing all kinds of disease and dysfunction if we do not utilize proper nutrients, movements, and attitudes. Your joints can inflame leading to arthritis, your arteries can inflame leading to heart attack and stroke, and your brain can become inflamed leading to Alzheimer’s and other neurological conditions. This inflammation process is necessary for metabolism, repair, and breakdown of substances when burning at the proper rate. This is known as your metabolic fire. However, when it becomes imbalanced due to nutrient deficiencies, ingested poisons, structural imbalances, poor respiration and/or poor elimination of waste this creates a slower and lower burning temperature “fouling your spark plugs” and “burning out” the parts of your body as inflammation occurs in reaction to this imbalanced state.

Imagine the people buying cars and never changing the oil except for a pint every couple of months, only replacing the filters every couple of years, and seldom driving it except on short trips around town, and often using bad gasoline. When the car runs poorly, falls apart, and eventually burns up, they wonder what happened and empty their bank account trying to fix it. You must have a clean machine to operate efficiently over the life of the vehicle. Your body is your vehicle. Does it take you comfortably where you want to go and do what you want to do, or do you have drag it out of bed, drag it to the office, ache most of the day and drag it home again only to collapse it in the bed? Are you having the ride of your life, or is your life a drag from dragging your body around? Detoxification makes the greatest difference in the comfort and longevity of your body. Remember, you can’t buy another one!

How Can I Detoxify Myself and My Environment?

We first must begin with the things we can control. We must start with the things having the most influence upon us from both our outer environment and our inner environment. The three greatest influences from our outer environment are air, water, and food. The three greatest influences from our inner environment are thoughts, feelings, and action choices. In each of these categories we all have many things we can do to improve. In the following text, we will explore our outer environment and move inward.


We breathe air full of thousands of irritants, many of which can not be seen, and many that are disease causing. Just because you have clear air does not mean you have clean air. Polluted air is the main cause of most respiratory conditions including lung cancer, asthma, bronchitis, etc. Polluted air also affects the DNA of the cells and after a few generations causes genetic based respiratory conditions, and that is just from the pollution trapped by the lungs. The remaining pollution, not ejected on exhale or stuck in the lung tissues, enters the blood stream via the lungs and causes damage to every cell and organ in your body that it reaches until it is neutralized.

Clean air is the single most important requirement for physically maintaining health. Air affects pH balance more than the food or water consumed. If pH is just one point off of center, you can become very ill. A person can live for weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air. It is of the highest priority to detoxify the lungs and increase the quality of the air. The main source of air pollution according to the EPA is the home. Standard vacuum cleaners are shown to increase air pollution as much as 10,000 times when run over carpet. The central air system can be a breeding ground for dust mites, mold, fungus, bacteria, and viruses. A bed receives enough dead skin from a body to give you a new skin every three months. Dust mites feed on the dead skin in the carpet and furniture, the mattress and mattress cover, the pillows and their cases, all the while excreting their waste and causing most of the allergies and asthma due to non-food sources. It gets sent into the air you breathe when you lie down or change the bed, walk on the carpet or run the A/C.

To eliminate these problems one must find and utilize the proper technologies to address these issues in a beneficial way. First, I would start with the Health Pro Plus from IQ Air for air filtration. It is the one used in the SARS Units in China to contain the SARS virus so it does not escape into the environment. I use it in my home and office, and it is endorsed by the American Lung Association. If you would like to experience it for yourself, it is available from our website or by calling our 800 number. (See Health Pro Plus in our Products/Online Store.) Second, I would hire a service to vacuum my air ducts (no chemical cleaning treatments or coatings!) Third, I would get an ozone generator to sterilize my house and duct work after the vacuuming. People, plants, and animals must be gone from the house during this time as the ozone is toxic at the necessary levels to eliminate the source of the odors and kill the dust mites. The ozone generators are available from companies that do house restoration services after flooding. Using a restoration service is often cheaper than purchasing your own unit and you can often find these services in your local phone book. However, if you wish to have one for repeated household use, contact us. In general, it is not wise to have continuous ozone emissions in your home as it is a lung irritant and can exacerbate asthma and allergies if it exceeds certain levels. Ozone is a source of free radical destruction of anything it contacts, which is why it kills viruses, bacteria and mold and when it is through with them, your cells are next to be oxidized and potentially destroyed, so you must be careful with its proper use.

How you breathe the air determines how the body will use it and is as much a factor as the quality and quantity of air. Poor posture restricts breathing capacity, oxygen uptake and elimination of used toxic gases. Restriction of air uptake and elimination reduces brain functioning, energy, motivation, coordination, and strength resulting in depression, fatigue, accidents, confusion, memory loss, weight gain, and more. Proper breathing is also necessary for lymphatic circulation. Lymphatic circulation eliminates cellular waste while producing and delivering antibodies to fight off any disease processes. The lymphatic system is 90% of the immune system! There are simple, specific breathing exercises for various organs and systems in your body to help them regenerate and operate at peak efficiency. In the Far East they are called “pranayamas” or “breath of life.” There is also a device that supports increased oxygen uptake, lymphatic circulation, toning of muscles, etc. called a Chi Machine(TM) and more information can be found in our Products/Online Store.

Massage or touch-based therapies for postural ease and support such as Rolfing(TM), Hellerwork(TM), and Cranial/Sacral therapy are very helpful as well as regular and appropriate Chiropractic and Osteopathic manipulation. After 30 years of manual practice, I have seen many miracles of transformation due to the power of bodywork, especially when combined with proper nutrition. I attended a seminar in the late 1970’s at Southern Methodist University where Dr. Hans Seyle was speaking about his Nobel prize winning research on stress and its affects. His conclusions from 30 years of research boiled down to two discoveries. His first discovery was that all disease begins with postural distortion, and his second discovery was that as stress goes up, immune response goes down in exact proportion. These two facts underlie a most critical relationship of good bodywork, proper exercise, nutrition, rest, and conscious breathing. Hippocrates once stated: “To maintain good health one must eat a proper diet, exercise, rest and receive massage.” This statement is even truer today with all the thousands of toxic assaults upon our bodies that have magnified “dis-ease” in daily life.

Nutritional deficiencies stress the body, postural distortion stresses the body, judgmental emotions and negative thoughts stress the body, and polluted air, water, and food stress the body. By reducing our toxic stressors on all levels combined with quality bodywork, we can dramatically increase our health. There some mechanical devices that I have found to be helpful in addition to the air and water purification. These devices are extremely good at promoting optimal health. I would like to tell you it is via increased oxygen uptake and supporting structural integrity, but I am not allowed by the FDA and FTC to say that. There is the Chi Machine(TM) I mentioned earlier, and the RealEase(TM) which is a device I am not allowed by the FDA and FTC to truthfully tell you that I have used it re-establish a proper curve in my neck relieving stress to my entire body. (So much for freedom of speech.) They have proven to be the best all around of the at-home products I have experienced. (See our Products/Online Store.) I can not recommend their proper use highly enough.


We drink many forms of liquid, most of which are polluted by the water added, artificial sweeteners, and other toxic chemicals. Our bodies require pure water to operate healthfully. The body prefers water that has been distilled by fruits and vegetables as is contained in the food. If it does not get enough plant distilled water, it will have to compensate for any deficiency by the water you drink from pooled bodies of water such as lakes, streams, rivers, etc. Your body must break the water down (digest it) to extract the H2O in small enough clusters to fully use, and then attempt to eliminate the remaining unconverted minerals and pollutants. The body requires pure (naturally distilled) water to operate and lubricate virtually every process of the body. The body is more than three-fourths water and the brain is about ninety percent water. Imagine how well your car will function or last, while running low or without its main lubrication and coolant. The same goes for the human body.

Dehydration makes for rapid decline of cellular functioning affecting the brain, heart, lungs, liver, and all cells of the body. This is why you will die in a matter of days without water. Water from foods also contains vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in the proper three dimensional molecular forms for the body to operate and maintain itself. Vitamin and mineral pills are generally not real nutrients, they are vitamin analogs often made from coal tar, activated sewage sludge, and crushed rocks stripped with toxic chemicals. These give limited beneficial results and eventually can toxify the body leading to more problems. See my book Your Own Perfect Diet for further reference.

Without sufficient water your cells cannot utilize their nutrients for fuel, maintain their structure to perform any functions, properly burn the oxygen to give you energy, or generate nerve impulses to move your body. Dehydration rapidly ages the body faster than any food you can ingest. Dehydration also causes us to eat far more food than we need. As the body wants water from food, it will tell you it’s hungry in order to get that water out of the food. If you do not eat enough foods high in water, such as fruit and vegetables, it will make you crave salt to hold on to what little water with which you have to run the body, and crave sweets to have easy conversion to compensate for the lack of energy - often resulting in weight gain, suppressed immune function, and fatigue. Proper hydration is critical for lasting weight control, disease prevention and anti-aging. Therefore it is critical to supply purified water for enjoying a functional life. There are many methods of water treatment. Many people like steam distillation, however the electrical currents for heating and the base metals in the container create “dead” water that will not properly re-hydrate or recharge your body in all the ways necessary. Reverse osmosis is not much better than distilled even though both methods are good to get out some pollutants. Both leave in many volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which are some of the most toxic items in your water. Most water filters are minimal at best and expensive. Additionally, water has to be “digested” or have its surface tension reduced from about 72 dines per centimeter to about 50 or less, or most of it just goes out your bladder and you are still dehydrated even if you are drinking a gallon a day. Beyond the consumption of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, I use the Aquasana water filtration systems for purification and pH balance, Mega Hydrate™ or Crystal Energy™ for dramatically increasing the uptake of purified water through reduction of surface tension, and the Golden Cylinder or a BRT Vial for restructuring of the water. Restructuring helps restore the proper electromagnetic signature(s) and structural patterning of the H2O layered clusters making water a support system to establish and maintain optimal health.


It is important to eat the best foods in their purest possible form to prevent disease and maintain health. We can not eat garbage to get or stay healthy (even with taking supplements). To use an old saying from the computer industry, GIGO! (Garbage in = garbage out.) If you try to rely on supplements instead of proper foods, you lose health and money. When we isolate nutrients from food we lose up to 98% of the effectiveness of the nutrient compared to when it is eaten in food. The National Institute of Health did a study showing that 5mg. of vitamin C in an apple outperforms 1,500mg. of ascorbic acid sold on the market as vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is highly refined sugar, usually from genetically modified (mutated) corn (i.e. vegetable source) mixed with acetone and other toxic substances to make the ascorbic acid crystals sold to you as “vitamin C.” I would be willing to bet that you are not deficient in acetone. Research has also shown that the animals given synthetic vitamin/mineral supplements without food died faster than the animals given nothing.

Did God give you a gizzard to digest rocks? I didn’t get one. Do you graze your gravel driveway to eat rocks? I don’t. Nor should we have to ingest rocks (minerals) in a pill or a liquid in a bottle, even if they are bound (chelated) to other materials (often with pig enzymes) in an attempt to fool cells into taking them. The body is designed to extract minerals from plants and animals, not rocks. If there is a frank deficiency, the body can utilize rocks to some degree, but very little of it is useable, a lot of energy is wasted in the conversion process, and we are subjected to the toxic substances used to dissolve the rocks. Although supplements have an unparalleled safety record of about one (1) problem in a billion doses and can help dramatically when compared to nothing, it is far, far better to eat real food! Your body is predominately an electro-magnetic device, and most common supplements are un-natural chemical compounds. 100% organic foods from healthy soil contain the essential electro-magnetic energy signatures and chemical compounds in proper ratios needed for health and lasting energy that most vitamin/mineral pills do not have.

As I mentioned earlier, we intoxicate ourselves by the foods and non-foods we ingest. Most of the damage comes from non-food substances, and food substance combinations that do not naturally occur in foods in natural form (i.e. worse living through chemistry.) This category includes things such as artificial sweeteners, MSG, dextrose, maltodextrin, sucrose, aluminum, fluoride, and literally thousands of others. Additionally, there are many foods that are healthy for one blood type, but toxic for another blood type, so eating foods not of your blood type can create an inflammatory blood reaction.

The ratio of nutrients required for health varies from person to person and from day to day. A diet of normally good foods can cause disease if they are loaded with poisons, deficient in nutrients, incompatible with the blood type, or if you have an allergy to a particular food, or you develop sensitivity to it. We must become aware of the toxic substances in our diets and eliminate them from our ingestion while incorporating the beneficial foods in the right combinations and ratios at the right time. See my book Your Own Perfect Diet for some basic guidelines.


Even if we have a pure environment, and eat and drink only what is good for our unique requirements, we still must eliminate used nutrients and dead cells. This is accomplished by the circulatory systems of lymph and blood moving cellular waste to the liver, kidneys, bladder, bowel, skin, and lungs for expulsion from the body. To be the most effective at learning to detoxify your body, some basic knowledge of the functions of the eliminative organs is necessary. The following text will give some very simple, but important explanations to help you manage your health.


Your skin is your largest eliminative organ and it receives some of the gases, liquids, and solids for elimination from inside. Proper washing and dietary nourishment is an absolute requirement for lasting good looks. Anything you put on your skin, you are probably eating!

That’s right, the skin absorbs as well as eliminates and if you would not put something in your mouth to eat, do not put it on your skin! In fact it can be worse by putting it on your skin as it will travel through the blood stream damaging tissues before it gets to your liver to be neutralized. Think about the medication patch craze. I’ve read that it only takes 1/400th of the oral dosage in a patch for hormone replacement to get the same effects as a single pill.

The best thing a person can do for skin health is to properly hydrate the body, wash it about every 24 hours with a organic castile (olive oil) soap and a textured cloth or sponge (face every 12) and only use products free of toxic substances upon the surface. Skin brushing can also help speed the detoxification from the skin.

Showering in tap water puts more toxic materials into the bloodstream than drinking it. The skin will absorb the chlorine from water in milliseconds and much damage occurs to many of your tissues before it gets to your liver. The average shower uses 30 to 50 gallons of water with the majority of these voluminous poisons entering you. Additionally, the warm or hot shower produces chlorine and fluorine gases (and many other harmful gases) that you breathe and go straight to the brain and many other parts before the liver can work to neutralize some of the poisons. Your shower/bath increases the toxic load intake by about 600% and potentially increases the damage from it by several thousand times. The EPA lists the shower water as the main source of bladder, kidney, and colon cancer. To get a better idea, think about this: When chlorine combines with decaying organic matter it forms what are called trihalomethanes (THM’s.) They are some of the single most toxic cancer causing substances known to man. Guess what? Our body is full of decaying organic matter and we are adding the chlorine in our shower to make the body a cancer factory! This fact is not factored in the EPA research stated above. Imagine how much higher the percentage would be if they did!

The first thing I would filter in the house is the shower, then the tap, then the main line to the house. The main line whole house filter will save a lot of money. Seldom will a plumber be needed anymore as the hot water tank, pipes, sinks, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines and faucets won’t fill with the harmful mineral deposits as before, saving many thousands of dollars over the years. Clothes and dishes will be cleaner and no longer be such a source of contamination to the body. Washing your hands and brushing your teeth will be a healthier experience. (See Pure Water in our Products/Online Store.)


The colon receives solid wastes from the entire body. Like all tissues, it must be properly hydrated and cleaned to work. When the colon function is reduced, waste begins to back up into the blood stream and overload the liver, skin, kidneys and lungs’ capability to function, as they have to do the extra work the colon can’t. This back up of dead material is what viruses, bacteria, molds, funguses, and parasites live on and cause infections with their overgrowth. This is why in Naturopathy we say: “disease begins in the colon.”

When the immune system attacks the invaders with white blood cells, the “battle damage” or pus is transported to the skin because the colon can not handle it. As pus oozes from the pores, surface bacteria dine upon the waste and spread over the skin setting up pockets in nearby pores and the condition is called acne. As the bloodstream becomes overloaded with the backed-up waste it is unable to dump, the waste is transported back into the interstitial space poisoning our cells, overloading the lymphatic system, and altering our immune response ability.

This waste accumulation suffocates the cells by preventing absorption of nutrients leading to cellular dysfunctions such as mutation, impaired reproduction, poor enzyme interaction, and finally cellular death or necrosis. When the waste accumulation reaches certain levels, the surrounding bacteria and viruses are activated to feed upon the waste and break it down to be eliminated by the immune system. Histamine is released to flush out the waste through the organs of elimination previously disrupted via the pathogens (germs, viruses, etc.). This is often manifested in runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, sweating, and diarrhea. The body will also raise the temperature with a fever (inflammation) to kill off the excess pathogens. In deep-rooted waste, the body will use chills to help dislodge and move out the waste and pathogens. These are disease symptoms to be encouraged, not suppressed. If we suppress the symptoms, we suppress the functioning of the immune system and allow the waste to build to even greater levels resulting in more chronic and grave degenerative diseases.

As the interstitial spaces around the cells are filled with increasing backed-up waste, the blood cannot get nutrients in to operate or rebuild new cells, and your tissues die. The only other thing the tissue can do to survive is revert back to a state before cell-differentiation and begin rapid reproduction geared to living on the waste. We call this process cancer. This way of creating cancer has been known since the 1940’s. A doctor named Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in medicine for the work demonstrating this and other processes involved in cancer. Nowadays, we even know the genes responsible for this “switching” on and off of rapid reproduction thanks to genetic research scientists. However, it will be a long time before drugs will safely reset these switches, so let’s get and keep our cells healthy so it won’t be an issue. An extra caution here about drugs would be that of the problem with antibiotics. Suppressive antibiotics complicate the issue further by destroying the germs that are trying to help detoxify our bodies especially in the small and large intestines. This allows more buildup of waste, the poisoning cycle starts over again, and now the immune system is suppressed from the antibiotic leading to recurrent infections that get closer together in occurrence. Antibiotics should only be used in rare life-threatening situations under the supervision of a licensed physician. Regular cleansing of the eliminative mechanisms of the body serves to prevent disease while regaining and maintaining health. If a condition is advanced, and needs direct treatment of the disease, methods like homeopathy and nutritional pharmacology can be used first with a higher level of success than antibiotics. (See our Products/Online Store.)


Lungs not only filter the air we breathe, they also expel many contaminants and moist vapor as we exhale, sneeze, or cough. The lungs receive used and toxic gases of the body from the blood stream and expel them in the exhale. The lungs are the most vulnerable place in the body to disease invasion from the outside. A study in Lancet (a British medical journal) demonstrated that speaking in a normal voice, breath travels at least 38 feet carrying various viruses and bacteria in all directions. Anytime you are in a public place, you are constantly breathing other peoples’ viruses and bacteria. The first line of defense is how well the lungs are working. Many communicable diseases are highly concentrated in the fluid of the lungs of those suffering and it can be taken into your lungs when you are around them and directly enter your bloodstream - kind of like a blood transfusion without the needles. Without properly functioning lungs, we dramatically increase our chance of disease. Internal and external air purification is the most important self-defense from communicable disease and airborne allergens.


The liver is definitely the most vital organ. In Chinese medicine the heart pumps the blood, but the liver is the body’s primary distributor of the blood. Via the vascular bed network, the liver responds to the demands of the body by shifting blood to the area of demand such as the stomach when eating or the legs when running a marathon. The liver also stores glycogen (blood sugar) and insulin (produced by the pancreas) and releases them as needed and signals the adrenal glands to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure. It regulates the hormones in the blood and the cycle of menstruation. It regulates fat metabolism and manufactures cholesterol. There are hundreds of chores the liver has in the body. However, its primary function is to filter the poisons in the bloodstream, neutralize them and send them on to the other organs of elimination. If the other organs are not properly functioning, it causes an overload on the liver and the poisons have to pass through the liver a few more times to be neutralized. This allows for a great deal more damage to the cells of the body by repeated exposure until the liver neutralizes the poisons. This extra strain reduces the liver’s capacity for its other jobs contributing to imbalanced levels of cholesterol, hormones, blood sugar, blood pressure and more that can develop into serious and often fatal degenerative diseases, like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc. This could be why it is called the “liv-er.”


The urinary system is composed primarily of the kidneys, adrenals and bladder. The kidneys filter and re-circulate the blood after balancing the nutrient content to help maintain the balance of the body. In their upper section known as the adrenals, they produce many hormones or substances to chemically run or influence the body from the pituitary gland in the brain, to the thyroid, on down to the gonads, and from regulating the blood pressure and heart to reproductive health and much, much more. However, it is the main kidney body which is involved in elimination of excess or toxic fluids and a small amount of solid matter. The urinary bladder is a holding reservoir for the fluids to be excreted. If the bladder becomes overloaded, the wall stretches too far and the waste material leaks into the surrounding tissues, feeding back into the blood stream to be shunted to other eliminative organs and back to the kidneys. This process can lead to urinary infections as waste products are what the viruses and bacteria feed upon. As with the colon, regular elimination as soon possible when urged by the body is your best health habit here. If problems have developed there are several products to clean and help regenerate (feed) the kidney/bladder/adrenal matrix.


The lymphatic system is perhaps your most important link in staying well. It is a circulatory system with more lymph fluid than you have blood, and more lymph vessels than blood vessels. Yet it has no central pump like a heart to make this fluid move. Only the movements of your tissues cause the pumping action of the lymph vessels. Here is the single most important health principle you can learn about the human body: If it is moving, it can heal. If it stops moving, it will die. It really is that simple. This is why exercise is often called the “number one physical doctor.” Movement brings in air, food and water. Movement distributes nutrients to the cells, movement delivers nutrition into the cells, and movement collides molecules with each other to cause chemical exchange. Movement sends waste out of the cells, movement carries the waste into the lymph and movement pumps the lymph back to the blood stream to be neutralized by the liver and sent to the colon, skin, kidneys and bladder to be moved out for elimination. Rather a moving experience, wouldn’t you say?

While moving the waste, the lymph attacks infectious agents and foreign bodies with specialized cells generated in its own organs such as the tonsils, adenoids, thymus, spleen, appendix, pyres patches, cisternachyle, and various lymphoid clusters throughout the regions of the body. When the lymph vessels are congested we literally drown in our own waste and die.

The other main function of the lymph system is to produce specialized antibodies and distribute them throughout the body to kill invaders and mutant cell growth or cancer. The lymph system is both a garbage disposal system, and an immune delivery system. It is a critical step in detoxification so that the cellular waste can return to the blood stream, be processed by the liver and eliminated through the colon. No matter what disease or condition you have, on a cellular basis, you die from lymphatic congestion causing cell death, leading to tissue and organ death, and finally your death. There are many things you can do to improve your lymph functioning such as the Chi Machine(TM), springing, hot packs, herbal combinations, etc. Now that you have a basic understanding of the eliminative systems of the body we can move on into how to properly detox with the least amount of stress to the body.


Now that you have a basic understanding of the toxification from inside and outside, and the basics of how your body works in relation to toxins, we need to explore how it all fits together to keep your vehicle working and prevent its breakdown.

Your body’s basic reaction to any “dis-ease” is inflammation. As an example, it uses inflammation to kill viral and bacterial overgrowth and we call that a fever. Often a fever under 103 is bacterial and over 103 is viral. This is why letting a fever run without using any antipyretic drugs to lower the fever is so important. Rarely should a fever be lowered. One such type would be in an infant that produces an uncharacteristic wail which could indicate meningitis requiring immediate medical attention. Otherwise, many doctors prefer to let it run as high as possible. A great book on this subject is How to Raise Healthy Children in Spite of Your Medical Doctor by Dr. Mendell. If the fever is suppressed the infection can spread, worsen or only be partly killed thereby creating a sub-clinical infection (smoldering fire.)

With inflammation comes the previously mentioned histamine reaction to flush out the waste accumulation and infectious load. We call that sneezing, coughing, the runs, sweating, etc. If we suppress these symptoms with drugs, a greater amount of the waste and the infectious load stay in the body. This suppression builds up a more toxic condition creating recurrent infections, immune suppression/exhaustion, degenerative conditions and possible genetic damage.

Now that you know the house is on fire, what do you do? Of course you would normally call the fire department to put out the fire and the police department to investigate and catch the arsonist. Well, we are the unconscious arsonists assigned to reside in a house full of toxic, highly flammable materials!

Since we know who our main culprit is, let’s see what we can do about it so it doesn’t happen again. First, like the fire department, we could put water on the fire by hydrating the body with usable water. Second, we could put new materials in for basic support before tearing out the residue so the entire structure doesn’t collapse. This support is called targeted whole food nutrition. It is designed to rebuild damaged systems by feeding tissues, not suppressing symptoms like drugs or isolated nutrients. Life is about activity and support, not inhibition and suppression. You must use high quality materials to rebuild a house if you want it to stand for a prolonged time. Eating a “Standard American Diet (SAD)” is like using balsa wood and duct tape to hold your house together. Come the storms of life, how well do you think it will stand up? Third, we could also remove the “fire damage” or waste products by detoxification so there is room to build a comfortable place to live. This detoxification always goes on, but can be helped greatly through manual detoxification methods. In the following text I will list methods and products commonly used to accomplish this process and more quickly return to and maintain health.


First you could install a shower filter. I have found the Aquasana brand the best in price and performance. Next you could drink only 4 oz. of purified/energized water every half hour during the working day. This is also a big secret to weight loss as it helps flush toxins and eliminate false hunger signals. In an average 8 hour work day that would give 64oz. of water, which is about right for an average 120-130 pound person of mild activity level. Some people are also successful with only 4 oz. every hour of their waking day but stopping 2 hours before bedtime. These routines also helps prevent needing to get up and urinate in the night or all day long at work. A normally healthy body doesn’t seem to readily use more than 4 ounces at a time. I have found the remaining excess will travel quickly to the kidneys and bladder resulting in visiting the bathroom more often if drinking more than 4oz. at a time. The body will usually eliminate as much water as it intakes. The amount needed is determined by the processing needs of your body and can vary from day to day and person to person. If you’re thirsty 10 minutes after drinking the 4 oz, you might try drinking more. If you’re hungry, you might try drinking first and wait five minutes. If the hunger subsides, it was probably only thirst.

If you eat a large quantity of fruits and vegetables, your thirst will tell you how much extra water to drink and it may be even less due to the water content of the food. As mentioned before, water needs to be the purest you can find. There are many water filtration systems that have pro’s and con’s about them and you will have to research what works best for your health situation and finances. Until you get your own filtration system, you may enjoy using Trinity water, Fiji water, or Hawaiian Springs as commercial brands that are usually found at health food stores. The only somewhat good water I have found in the convenience stores is Deja Blue made by the Dr. Pepper Bottling Company. Most of the remaining waters are marginal to absolutely terrible. The cost is outrageously expensive compared to your own sink filtration unit. A good point of use filter is your best bet. The best I have found that attaches to your faucet is the Aquasana brand. It has filters that last for hundreds of gallons to have a cost of .09 per gallon compared to $4.00 per gallon at the convenience store. Aquasana is cheaper than PUR and Britta’s cost per gallon and with far more effective filtering. It has gotten the highest rating from Consumers Research for 2003, 2004, & 2005 and is one of the only filters reported to remove toxic MTBE fuel contaminant. (See Counter Top Water Filtration Unit in our Products/Online Store.)

The next step of Module I Detox is the use of foot detox patches to eliminate waste from the bloodstream via the feet. This is a very potent form of detoxification, yet has little to no strain upon the body. Foot patches are used for at least thirty days or until they no longer turn hard and/or colored. They are much like having an extra liver. (See Detox Patches in Products/Online Store.) You will know that they are no longer needed when they stay soft and white after wearing overnight.

Simultaneously a person could follow a diet based upon life style change as contained in my book Your Own Perfect Diet. Historically, a diet would be combined with a cleansing of the parasitic agents of the body. A parasite is anything that lives off your body to the detriment of your body. This includes worms, fungus, mold, viruses, bacteria, etc. (Sorry, relatives don’t count here.) There are many products that are designed to eliminate parasites. They are usually herbal combinations used for a period of three weeks to kill the parasites and hatching eggs that have already been laid. Avoid wasting money with products for parasites that take less than three weeks or the eggs may hatch and re-infest your body. These parasites live on the incoming food and your cells. They are starving you of nutrients, damaging tissues, and leaving toxic waste products for your immune system to fight. These parasites also contribute to most degenerative diseases by producing inflammatory substances.

The next step of this module is the use of whole food nutrition to get a complete source of all known vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients as a nutritional base line for normal operation of the body. This baseline, once established, is accompanied by targeted whole food nutrition for specific areas of degeneration as indicated by the various systems of the body. A movement routine is developed, and specific goals are established. This systemic approach has been given several names lately by medical doctors such as cyber-health or Ortho-molecular medicine, but an integrated systemic approach has always been used by the traditional naturopath in assessment and health.


After thirty days of Module I Detox, bodywork, and a goal and movement program, use of a specific herbal preparation to aid in the support and cleansing of specific organ systems is often added. A multi-organ cleanser designed to remove the trapped waste material within the body of the colon is ideal. It doesn’t matter how well you clean the inner wall of the colon if the body of the colon is plugged up with waste in its lymph channels. This blockage will reduce or prevent the deposit of waste from the blood, and inhibit the blood’s uptake of nutrients produced in the colon.

A coloscopy will not show any abnormalities beyond the surface of the colon’s inner wall. An “all clear” colonoscopy result may give you a false sense of security. Also, most colon cleansers only clean the inner wall. We must get the colon body cleaned and fully working. This usually takes anywhere from three to nine months depending upon the amount of decayed material built up in the colon body. This cleansing can also implant crucial cultures for proper operation of the colon that include fermenting foods, creating nutrients like B-vitamins, cleansing the blood, and moving out the solid wastes. The back up of waste in the colon is what spawned the old saying “Constipation is the motherhood of all disease”, and to a large degree that is accurate, as the back-up of waste in this location can wreak havoc everywhere in the body. The Sutter museum in Philadelphia has a man’s colon that was over 8 ½ feet in length and packed with so much waste that the forty plus pounds they cut out barely made a dent in the mass of waste. His inability to eliminate caused him to expand his torso to an incredible size and die from his own filth and inability to absorb food. This formerly thin man weighed a few hundred pounds when he died.

As the colon is cleaned and regenerated, the liver and kidney are less burdened and can spend their energy regenerating themselves instead of dealing with too much toxicity from the bowel back up. This multi-cleanse formula also has herbs to support the liver and kidneys in this process.

Blood vessel detoxification is integrated at the same time as colon cleansing, so that nutrients can be more easily absorbed and delivered to the cells for metabolism and repair of the entire body. This process can be accomplished through specific nutrient combinations included in the diet for removal and prevention of plaque and fat deposits. These nutrients support the blood vessel and heart tissue to properly transport nutrient rich blood to the cells. They also help the blood vessels in receiving waste from the lymph system terminus to be carried to and neutralized by the liver and eliminated by the colon.

On the sixth week, a person could do a re-evaluation of symptoms and adjust the nutrient products and schedule. Also on the sixth week, depending upon the need, a deeper cleansing of the liver/gall bladder matrix could begin. For one week, a liver support herbal formula could be taken to tonify the liver. Upon the seventh day, a routine could be added of drinking 6-8oz. of organic unfiltered apple juice morning and evening for three days.  (Raw juice is preferred, but if you are unable to make or acquire, then organic commercial unfiltered and pasteurized juice is acceptable.)  Afterwards, a liver flush could be done as outlined in the following text.


(A History of Naturopathic Therapies)

Before starting this therapy, one would be well advised to do a parasite and colon cleanse to eliminate excess waste in the body and improve the overall healing process. This liver/gallbladder flush therapy is designed to eliminate accumulated stones which are basically small balls of cholesterol. According to Chinese medicine, these balls form many different ways and reduce our energy causing undue fatigue, while stiffening our tendons and ligaments causing aching and/or unstable joints. This viscous bile, or un-emulsified bile salts, settles in the joint spaces causing some of the stiffness and instability of the joints. They also energetically reduce our adaptability to change, thus inhibiting our decision making processes, which results in anger and resentment. All of these processes are ruled by the liver/gallbladder matrix. Left untreated, they can ultimately lead to serious dysfunction and death.

Stress from frustration, anger, resentment, confusion, and indecisiveness can stimulate stone formation. Also, excessive fried foods, insufficient fat (vegetable) intake, excess sugar and high glycemic carbohydrate intake, vitamin A, C, E, & K deficiencies, protein deficiency, toxic over-load to the liver, prescription medications, liver dysfunction, improper frequent fasting, rapid weight loss, and more can be contributing factors. Whatever the causative factors, this therapy is quite helpful for ridding the body of the waste and relieving symptoms. This therapy not only flushes out these stones, but also cleanses certain cells in the liver called Kupffer cells which produce bile. When these cells are “dirty” or toxic, they produce solids that precipitate out and form the stones. The strong citrus juice and olive oil soften and dissolve the stones that are forming in the liver, and the fully formed stones in the gall bladder. The Epsom salts solution opens and flushes the bowels so that the stones can be immediately eliminated. The apple juice is supplying malic acid to flush the Kupffer cells to prevent further formation.

As emotions can contribute to the overall picture, it is wise to look at dealing with your angers, resentments, frustrations, etc. in ways that are constructive with your goals and ideals in life. The more they are internalized or not dealt with in a constructive and healing manner, the more they contribute to stone formation, other liver problems, and total body dysfunction.

This procedure will cause a flushing of the bowels and many stones will pass. If you wish to see them and collect them, you can do the following: Place a mesh screen over the toilet under the seat. (Keep slack in it.) Pour water over the stool to rinse it through the screen and the balls of cholesterol will be left. Some people will notice several stones, some have seen hundreds. They will probably vary in size from a small pebble to the size of a quarter. To collect and store, place in a glass jar and put in freezer (as they will now melt at room temperature,) otherwise flush them and be thankful they are gone. (Many stones may still be seen in the water without using the screen.)

It is most advantageous to drink 6-8oz. of organic unfiltered apple juice each day (morning and evening) for three days before beginning this cleansing. After the flush, drinking 8oz. of unfiltered apple juice morning and evening for the next 30 days to fully flush out the Kupffer cells is wise. As dehydration can be a contributing factor to stone formation, the suggested daily intake of fluids should equal at least half of the body poundage in ounces of purified water.

This therapy requires a certain amount of energy from the body, and should, not be done by the very ill or feeble. Please consult with a qualified, health practitioner for any complications of this therapy. This information is solely for educational purposes and is not intended to replace appropriate medical treatment. However, most standard medical therapies offer little to no help short of surgery, or make these conditions worse.

Ingredients for the flush: 1 pint organic, extra virgin olive oil, 3 organic grapefruits or 6 large organic lemons, a small package of Epsom salts, and 1 gallon purified water. If the person is a light sleeper, or suffers from insomnia, many people have reported success with 3-6 capsules of 500mg. l-Ornithine (an amino acid) taken at bedtime.

1. Choose a day to flush where you do not have to do anything away from the bathroom.

2. Take no medicines, vitamins or pills that you can do without as some may prevent success.

3. Eat no fat or oil at breakfast and lunch as this allows a slight build up of pressure to flush the stones.

4. Be precise with the following schedule and formulations.

2:00pm: Absolutely no food or drink, other than listed below after this time or you could feel very ill later. Get your Epsom salt solution ready by mixing 4 tbs. in 3 cups of water and put this into a glass container. This makes four servings, ¾ cup each. Set the container in the refrigerator to get ice cold. (helps the flavor)

6:00pm: Drink one serving (3/4 cup) of the ice cold Epsom salt solution. You may drink a few sips of water to rinse the taste from you mouth if need be. Get the organic, extra virgin olive oil and lemons or grapefruits out and let them warm up.

8:00pm: Repeat by drinking another ¾ cup of Epsom salt solution. Even though you have not eaten since 2:00pm you will have little to no hunger. Get your bedtime chores done. Timing is critical for success in this process. Be within ten minutes of on time.

9:45pm: Pour ½ cup (measured) olive oil into the pint jar. Squeeze the fresh fruit by hand into the measuring cup. (No prepared or canned juices.) Remove the pulp with a fork from the solution. You should have at least ½ cup; more (up to ¾ cup) is best. Add this mixture to the olive oil. Close the container tightly and shake hard until watery (only fresh juice does this.) Now visit the bathroom one or more times, even if it makes you late for you ten o’clock drink. Don’t be more than 15 minutes late.

10:00pm: Drink the potion you have mixed. (You can chase it with a sip of lemon or grapefruit juice for flavor if you wish.) You may take 4ea. L-Ornithine capsules with the first sips of the potion to make sure that you will sleep through the night if you are a light sleeper. (You may take 8 if you suffer from insomnia.) Drinking through a large plastic straw helps it go down easier for some people. You may also use ketchup, cinnamon, or rapadura sugar to chase it between sips if you find it offensive. Drink it standing up only, and get it ingested within 5-15 minutes.

LIE DOWN IMMEDIATELY! You might fail to get stones out if you don’t. The sooner you lie down, the more stones you will get out. Be ready for bed ahead of time. Don’t clean up the kitchen or anything else. Lay flat on your back with your head high up on a pillow, or on your right side with your right leg pulled up to your chest. Stay completely still for at least 20 minutes and think about what is happening in your body. You may feel a train of stones leaving your liver and/or gallbladder along the bile ducts like marbles. There is no pain because the bile ducts are open due to the action of the Epsom salts. Go to sleep! Otherwise, you may fail to get stones out.

Next morning: Upon awakening take your third dose of ¾ cup Epsom salts solution. You may go back to bed. Do not take this potion before 6:00 am.

2 hours after awakening: Take your fourth and last dose of Epsom salts solution. You may return to bed, or watch movies, as long as you are resting.

4 hours after awakening: You may begin ingesting food starting with fresh fruit juice. ½ hour later you may eat some whole fruit. One hour later you may eat regular food, but keep it light. By supper you should be fully up to speed.

During this process many people enjoy funny or spiritual entertainment from movies or books while in bed between napping and trips to the bathroom, so stock up on a few that have a positive outlook and resolve and enjoy your time for healing.

Some individuals have been congested for many years and may have to do a second flush in three weeks to see stones flush.  Some of these individuals have had several hundred stones come out in their second and third flush even though they did not have any stones the first time.  Wait at least 21 days before repeating the flush.

The preceding statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information contained herein is intended solely for historic educational purposes, and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe treatment for any disease. It is always wise to consult with a qualified health professional before starting any therapy.

On the eighth week, the primary focus shifts to the kidney/adrenal complex. This may be accomplished by adding specific formulae to feed and support the kidney/adrenal complex to help them optimize blood pressure, thyroid function, hormone balance, blood sugar balance, stress reactions, emotional balance, and much more. Stillness meditation, yoga stretching, naps or some form of quiet stress reduction is increased to optimize the health of the adrenals.

On the twelfth week, the detoxification can be increased by fasting. With fasting, it is more important to know how to fast, than on what substance to fast. Fasting is like a surgeon’s knife, it can heal or kill. If you fast for political reasons it can kill you in a matter of days. However, when fasting for spiritual or detoxification purposes, individuals have fasted for extended, periods of time. My book, Your Own Perfect Diet, contains some important guidelines on how to fast. The book also includes a basic fasting routine for occasional use that many people have found beneficial as long as 100 days

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