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Homeopathy is an advanced system of natural medicine that has been bringing healing to the world for over two hundred years, and is utilized on every continent. A homeopathic remedy is a very dilute, non-toxic, natural medicine that will trigger the body’s own innate ability to heal itself. It’s based on the principle “like cures like”.

Homeopathy is truly a holistic approach to health; one that emphasizes people rather than diseases. Homeopathy recognizes that each person responds uniquely due to the forces of their heredity and environment. The total pattern of mental, emotional and physical symptoms, are the indications of the body’s effort to defend and heal itself. Since homeopathy acts upon the constitution as a whole, when a person becomes well through homeopathy they gain improvements in their overall health.


How Homeopathy Works

When given to someone who is healthy, a homeopathic remedy can bring about the same symptoms it can cure. When given to someone suffering from those symptoms, the body is stimulated to heal on its own and the symptoms resolve. Hence, the name, the Law of Similars, or like cures like. There are no medicinal interactions to worry about, and these remedies are safe to use on the youngest and most elderly patients. Homeopathy is used to treat acute illnesses, like colds, headaches, ear infections, and sore throats, as well as chronic conditions, like asthma, depression, fatigue, and arthritis. All homeopathic medicines are FDA regulated and are available over the counter in most grocery stores, drug stores and health food stores.

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